Franchise Your Business

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Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $0 – $0

Can be operated from home: Yes
Financing Available: Yes
Can be run part-time: Yes

Advantages of Franchising Your Business


While franchising provides franchisees with a proven system and the support of a much larger organization, the advantages to the franchisor are even more significant.

Capital: Since franchisees use their own capital, the franchisor has virtually no investment at the unit level.

Return on Investment: Because of this lower investment, ROI will be significantly higher.

Risk Reduction: With no capital invested in units, risk is reduced substantially.

Limited Contingent Liability: The franchisor will not be signing leases, taking on financing, etc, and will thus expand with limited contingent liability.

Speed of Growth: By leveraging off of the time and efforts of its franchisees, a franchisor can grow much faster without adding staff.

Highly Motivated Management: Franchising can provide a company with highly motivated management who will treat individual units as its own.

Brand Building: This ability to grow the organization without substantial additions to overhead will allow franchisors to grow their retail presence and their brand more quickly and effectively.

Advertising: Franchisees will often contribute to a common advertising and promotional fund. This fund will be used to promote the brand under the direction of the franchisor.

Whether you are an experienced franchisor refining or improving an established company or looking to expand through franchising for the first time, the iFranchise Group can provide the real-word guidance and hands-on assistance needed to reach your full growth potential.

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